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Remembered with Respect and Honor

Tributes to Ron from the Scientologists in the Freezone

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Quote of the Week
"True greatness merely refuses to change in the face of bad actions against one
and a truly great person loves his fellows because he understands them"
"What is greatness?" - WHAT ARE PEOPLE FOR?
Lafayette Ron Hubbard


Name: thetagal
Favorite LRH Quote: "If tech were in, ethics would be unnecessary."
Class VIII Tape
Success Story: I would just like to thank Ron for:
1) Making life such an interesting game.
2) Writing Dianetics, which opened a whole new world of adventure to me.
3) For continuing to research and write what he found.
4) For the OT III materials, that changed my life and ungrouped my dynamics.
5) For personally okaying for my then husband and I to take the 19th ACC on credit with a very small down payment.
6) For his Standing Order No. 1 line and for letting us know we could always communicate to Ron.
7) For just 'being there' for me and others.

More power to him, where ever he is and for whatever he chooses to do.
LRH Story: In 1958 LRH was very accessible to his public. One would meet him walking down the street, or frequently he would have lunch in a restraunt and others would join him.

We were walking down the street with two children, one was fussing and being carried over my shoulder, the other, a four-year-old girl, was bouncing ahead in her red boots. We stopped to say Hi to Ron, and he said "hello" to my four-year-old. Now understand, she was not a real happy camper at the time, she'd been left with relatives for two months, and was naturally suspicious by nature. So when Ron said "hello" she stopped and looked him over, up and down, for at least 30 seconds while he stood smiling down at her. Finally he passed her inspection and she said "hello" back.

He turned to me and said, "That's a smart one."
Email: thetagal@gmail.com


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