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Tributes to Ron from the Scientologists in the Freezone

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Quote of the Week
"True greatness merely refuses to change in the face of bad actions against one
and a truly great person loves his fellows because he understands them"
"What is greatness?" - WHAT ARE PEOPLE FOR?
Lafayette Ron Hubbard


Name: Terrance James Sinclair
Favorite LRH Quote: I have so many favorite quotations from Ron's works. It is hard to narrow it to just one: Happiness lies in engaging in worthwhile activities; Never go past a misunderstood word; Knowledge, Responsibility, Control = certainty; To own is to be able to see or touch or occupy; Havingness, essential definition of having is to be able to touch or permeate or to direct the disposition of. I have so many of them that I can not note them all here. They help to orient my space and beingness and give me direction in life and every day living.
Success Story: Ron has brought me off a drug crazed life to a more stable and wise life, a cleaner life, a life of caring, one of more love for my self and fellow man.
LRH Story: The storry of Ron and snake Thompson and Rons' younger adventures into Asia and returns to Asia up to his last years with his body to finish the work of Budha, and return his works of Buddha back to Asia as well as around the world. I love you Ron. Thank you for everything.
Email: sertin@telus.com


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