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Remembered with Respect and Honor

Tributes to Ron from the Scientologists in the Freezone

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Quote of the Week
"True greatness merely refuses to change in the face of bad actions against one
and a truly great person loves his fellows because he understands them"
"What is greatness?" - WHAT ARE PEOPLE FOR?
Lafayette Ron Hubbard


Name: Graham Willett
Favorite LRH Quote: "Face it. We live in a barbarism. The shiney cars are driven by degraded men. Youu won't be free unless they are. It has taken me ten hard years to make clearing everyone an accomplished fact. That I could do it was not enough. That you could do it was part of the major plan. My purpose is to bring a barbarism out of the mud it thinks concieved it and to form here on Earth a civilization based on human understanding, not violence. That's a big purpose. A broad field. a star-high goal. But I think it's your purpose, too."

I'm not sure I could pick a favorite quote, but isn't that just great!?!
Success Story: My life, my hopes and all else it seems. My knowledge, my power to realise my dreams. All that I do is bettered by Ron. Damb shame I couldn't meet you before you moved on!
LRH Story: The time he spent 2 hours explaining to an 8 year old how a paper clip works. The time he announced his new "R" on stage - "BANG!". I never met the man myself but I know more great stories about this extra-ordinary fellow than any other man I know to date.
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