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Lafayette Ron Hubbard

Founder of the Original Scientology Philosophy

Remembered with Respect and Honor

Tributes to Ron from the Scientologists in the Freezone

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Quote of the Week
"True greatness merely refuses to change in the face of bad actions against one
and a truly great person loves his fellows because he understands them"
"What is greatness?" - WHAT ARE PEOPLE FOR?
Lafayette Ron Hubbard

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Scientology?

"The term SCIENTOLOGY is taken from the Latin word SCIO (knowing in the fullest meaning of the word) and the Greek word LOGOS (to study)"
Fundamentals of Thought - L Ron Hubbard

Scientology is that applied and workable philosophy developed by Lafayette Ron Hubbard during most of his life.

Scientology includes the understanding of life, it's composition and potentialities. The application part of the philosophy includes activities which one can embark upon to improve one's life both in the spiritual sense as well as the physical.

The philosophy and the application of it is found in the many books he wrote and the many thousands of lectures he gave which are available on audio tapes and CDs.

The official body of Scientology is the Church of Scientology. The church is considered by many to have departed from the original philosophy as expounded by Lafayette Ron Hubbard. Instead they are thought to be pursuing a different agenda of altering the application of the philosophy to a point where it becomes unworkable and no longer achieves the aims set out for it by the founder.

What is the Freezone?

Bill Robertson in Frankfurt/Main originally coined the term Freezone in 1983, and the concept has spread throughout the world with thousands of people using and practicing the technology of Lafayette Ron Hubbard. The biggest groups are in Europe and the US but there are many hundreds of small groups and individuals using and practicing the technology of Lafayette Ron Hubbard. The Freezone, by definition is less rigid and not bound as is the 'official' Church of Scientology.

Nowadays it is referred to as the Independent Field to reflect more accurately the difference between the church and the field

The 'Field' is made up of persons who have previously been members of the Church of Scientology but have either been thrown out and excommunicated for one reason or another or left on their own accord when they observed that the 'official' church was no longer practicing the original philosophy. Also people who have learned about the philosophy in the field for the first time without the influence of the 'official' church.

What is the Association of Professioal Independent Scientologists?

The Association of Professioal Independent Scientologists (APIS) was created to assist Scientologists and non-scientologists alike practice and persue their chosen philosophy as developed by Lafayette Ron Hubbard.

It consists of members who may be simply individuals wishing to improve and enhance their life, or auditors (An auditor is a practitioner of the technology who listens and assists people to improve their life through various practical activities) or groups of auditors.


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